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Eat. Poop. Love.

img_0034.jpg Meet Boozo, our nickname for our son born September 16, 2007. Here he is with his dad who will henceforth be known as Sexy Beast or “The Beast” because that is his favorite movie.     Add one little brown dog named Baxter, also called Brother and you have my family. Oh, add me, of course (more on that later). This blog will detail our adventures and my experiences as a working mom and wife. I’ll probably complain about The Beast a bunch, as I’m apt to do since I’m no sugarcoater. But I love him. Very much. And he does the dishes, cleans the kitchen, irons, will clean his yellow pee stains off the toilet seat (if asked) and he’s a really great dad. Remember that when I’m blabbering away.  I’m calling this Eat. Poop. Love– thieving from a popular book (which I hated, by the way) because I want to and because I’ve determined that motherhood, for the most part, runs in circles. Boozo eats. He poops. He loves and I love and love comes first last always because, as Patti Griffin says: When the last bird falls, when the silence calls, someone will say what’s been said before, it’s only love we’re looking for.   


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